nVIDIA GeForce FX 7600GT 512MB AGP 4X 8X Video Card Vga Adapter GF 7600 GT

rate 4.0
  • Brand: Nvidia
  • Category: Display Cards
  • buffer: 4MB
  • max amount of memory: 256MB

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The NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 GT video card for notebooks is a faster GeForce Go 7600 with 4 additional pixel-pipelines (12 instead of 8). This graphic card is suited for all games in 2006 and was positioned between class one and two. It was obstruced only in a Sony AR11 notebook (17").

The card also supports the PureVideo engine to decode (HD) videos.

  • Asus Storage BW-12D1S-U/BLK/G External BDRW/DVDRW 12X USB3.0 Black Retail.
  • Access time: BD: 250 ms; DVD: 170 ms; CD: 150 ms.
  • Interface: USB 2.0/USB 3.0; Data Buffer: 4 MB.
  • OS Support: Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP.
  • Disc Diameters: 12cm/8cm; Power: Adapter Power +5V +/-5%, 2A.

Manufacturer: NVIDIA

GeForce: Go 7600 Series

GeForce Go 7600 GT: 12/5 cores @ 500MHz 128 Bit @ 600MHz

Codename: G73M

Pipelines: 12 / 5 Pixel- / Vertexshader

Core Speed : 500 MHz

Shader Speed : 500 MHz

Memory Speed: 600 MHz

Memory Bus Width: 128 Bit

Memory Type: GDDR3, GDDR2, GDDR1

Max. Amount of Memory: 256 MB

Shared Memory: no

teilweise :TurboCache

DirectX: DirectX 9c, Shader 3.0

technology: 90 nm

Features: PureVideo

Notebook Size: medium sized

Date of Announcement: 01.08.2006


wysetech2000 4.0
Product works well with no problems at all . It's exactly what i needed and expected. Installed it added the drivers and worked fine from the beginning. Thank You.
Rip 4.0
Came excactly as advertised. Sealed in the box with everything.Works great. Haven't had any problems. Great graphics for an agp card.Thanks.
C. Jessee 4.0
Received the product fast, but the product was not the same as pictured on Amazon. Wasn't sure it was what I ordered, installed it anyway. Was able to play and see the pictures in the new games that I couldn't see or play before, so all I know is that it works.